Have a six pack? here's how !

Have a six pack? Here's how!

Symbol of a sporty and healthy lifestyle, the "six pack" is the envy of many. Did you know that everyone already has a chocolate bar? This is often hidden by our fat mass. Find out how to have well-shaped abs with our workouts. So that this six pack seen in magazines becomes your reality!


Why don't you have abs?
The right level of fat mass to have a six pack
Having a six pack goes through diet
Abs designed thanks to "core training"
The special six pack to-do list
How to get a six pack: conclusion
Many false ideas circulate around this theme. There are 3 important factors - and whether you are a man or a woman does not change it - that can block:

1. Your fat mass rate is too high.
2. Your diet is not suitable.
3. You train too much or too little, or don't do the right exercises.
The basis of the six pack is core strength training. A well-muscled abdominal belt will automatically be more visible. Your abs will also be more or less visible depending on your fat mass rate. Your fat mass then hides your muscles and of course your six pack. So one of the most important factors in getting the six pack of your dreams is diet. You need to eat a balanced diet.

Women naturally have a larger body fat than men. To have visible abdominal muscles, women should have a body fat level of around 14% or less. For men, the fat mass rate should be around 12%.

By combining a suitable food and sports program, you can easily reduce your fat mass rate to have well-shaped abs. Know that your success will be 70% based on food and 30% on your training. No need to exercise too much to have a six pack!

Editor's tip: Do you want to know exactly your calorie intake for your food program? Our calorie calculator is here to help:

Having a six pack goes through diet
Well-defined abs are prepared on your plate. As we said, 70% of your success is related to food: it is a game changer! First, calculate your daily calorie intake (see link below). To lose fat, you must have a calorie deficit. It doesn't mean starving yourself but eating better. Your body needs carbohydrates, proteins and fats. By having a balanced intake from each food group, your success is assured.

Be careful not to overdo carbohydrates and increase your protein intake by 2 to 2.5 g per pound of weight. Your calorie deficit should be between 300 and 500 kcal per day.
A deficiency greater than 500 kcal could damage your muscles.

Our advice: take care of your muscles even during your calorie deficit! Our Whey Protein is the perfect way to give your body enough protein without adding too many calories to your daily calorie intake.
Editor's tip: to develop your six pack, you can train in circuit training: doing about 6 to 12 repetitions of 2 to 5 sets. We have prepared several programs for you that you can do at home.

The muscles of your back and abdominal belt are used during each workout. It is therefore important to do strengthening exercises or “core training” at the end of each sport session. If you prefer, you can do a muscle building session every week. 

The special six pack to-do list
Your training should include all muscle groups, not just the abdominal strap.
Make sure to do workouts including the entire abdominal strap (oblique, transverse, sheathing, etc.).
Prepare variations of your exercises.
Plan static (plank) and dynamic (sit-ups) workouts.
Train 2 to 3 times a week.
The best would be to do 8 to 12 repetitions of 2 to 5 sets with a recovery time of 30 to 60 seconds.
As you work out, increase the intensity.

Good to know: did you know that without a healthy diet, you will have the impression of having a more rounded stomach? Indeed, your abdominal muscles will take up more space and your fat mass will be emphasized, resulting in the "swollen belly" effect.

With Tabata program, you will be able to burn calories to make your six pack appear quickly. The exercise time is only 4 minutes! The rhythm is as follows: maximum repetition of 20 seconds, followed by a 10 second pause. You can focus your training on a single exercise or do 8 in a row.

1. Crunches

Difficulty: Easy
Focus: Right muscle of the abdomen
Posture: Get into position. Look up a little, squeeze your abs and gently lift the torso. Always have your abs tight. Do not try to lift the whole torso, but only feel the contraction in the abs.

2. Plank with raised arms and legs

Difficulty: Medium
Focus: Torso, shoulders, abdominal belt. Improves coordination.
Posture: Tighten the abs to avoid back pain.

3. Leg lift

Difficulty: Difficult
Focus: The whole abdominal belt and hips
Posture: If you are not used to this exercise, place your hands below your buttocks to avoid a hollow back.

4. Mountain Climber

Difficulty: Easy
Focus: The whole torso and legs.
Posture: Place hands at shoulder height. Keep your buttocks and back at equal height.

Do you want to intensify your muscle building in just 4 minutes? This is possible with this high intensity training

How to get a six pack: conclusion

Your six pack is visible when your fat mass is between 12 and 14%, depending on whether you are a man or a woman.
Reduce your body fat through diet.
Plan to train 2-3 times a week.
Train all areas of your body.
Try to vary the exercises for the abs.
Be patient!