Signs your smartphone is being hacked & how to fix it.

Smartphones are friendly gadgets which have made human comforts easier through a single touch. A Smartphones are the first thing we look at in the morning & last thing we see before bed. Our smartphones have become our new wallet partners from email to banking they contain everything. 
But what if i say Maybe your smartphone is Hacked. It sounds so horrible right that someone without letting you know is accessing your Smartphone against your will.
The second largest internet population in the world INDIA with 564.5 million internet users. According to statistics on hacking show 1 in 36 mobile phones had high risk apps in 2018.

With being said, you'll have to take actions right away if you believe you have been hacked. Don't fret now, read this post to learn things whether your Smartphone is being tracked and what to do now.

Signs your Smartphone has been Hacked
Here are some signs which are indicative of the fact that your Smartphone is being hacked.
1.Temperature of battery
Sometimes you might feel your Smartphone tends to get more hotter than before. Although you're not using anything than regular apps like facebook, youtube, instagram,etc it maybe because of spy software that can be running in the background.
2. Some apps stop working
Some apps stop working properly as if before they used to work very well, it might be sign of someone interfering with apps functionality.
3.Slow Charging+Constant low battery
If your Smartphone Battery tends to drain more quickly with faster rate & charging is too Slow. Then it might be because of spy constantly monitoring & capturing user activity & forwarding it to third party which consumes your device battery quickly.
4. How to protect your Smartphone from getting Hacked
If new apps & pop ups are suddenly appearing on your smartphone screens beware.You want to be sure to check the app on play store & if app is not available there make sure to delete the app immediately.
5. Background Noise
If you often find your Smartphone echoing amidst the voice calls or making Strange noises during phone conversation or experiencing calls being dropped.Though this never happened before but it might be a sign that your Smartphone is Hacked. Normally these problems are indicative of technical issues but not always the case.
6. Unknowing text & mail messages
Hacked phones often get Unknowing messages in the form of links & codes generated by either hacker or by third party.

How to protect your Smartphone from getting Hacked
1.Use an Antivirus app
Although Apps like Avast, Avg, McAfe are free antivirus apps on play store which do protect your Smartphone.But, i personally recommend you spend some little amount & buy paid antivirus software like Norton or Kaspersky.
2.Never use unknown WI-FIs
Generally we try to look for free wifi connect & hackers do often target important locations such as bank accounts via public Wi-Fi that can often be unsecured.So,better not to look for unknown Wi-Fi.
3.Protect your PIN & Credit Card data
Use a protected app to store PIN Numbers, Credit Cards & important document files or better don't store them in your phone at all.
4.Never leave  your phone unattended
Never leave your Smartphone unattended in public place & never give your Smartphone to anyone in public for purpose like Calling or any other stuff.
5.Change your phone's default 
People likely Choose simple & predictable (1234, 0000, 1-9) default passwords and those who know can take advantage of it.Better Change your password to something more complex then rest of the people.

Hackers are not going away anytime soon. Their motivation is always there to obtain financial gains, exploitation, sexual exploitation & may be something else. So,it is everyone's responsibility to be aware of these threats.

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