best essential fashion tips men should know.

Young men are future leaders of our society and dressing sharp is the first step towards Becoming a professional.

But Does a man wear his fashion, or does his fashion wear him?

Here's a Secret.
Big companies think that men don't care themselves. That's why when u start looking better as a guy it's so hard to find i.e quality & work.

Take it easy guys.If you really want to look better you have to take care of yourself & guess what no worry love, I'm here the Indian hustler 108 happy to help you.

So let's get started from top to bottom.


We all have different face structures,shapes,bruises.So,all we need is,some professional to actually tell us what would work with us.We all have been there-you talking to barber & you offer him a description & the barber accepts to understand it.Unfortunately you get a bad haircut.

So it's better to look out for good barber who actually cares for your looks & gave you his best out of it.

If you see something you like,better you can show your barber & i think that's the easiest way to communicate & that make him understand easily.

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Having a Clear skin is one of the biggest way to showcase yourself as a Youth & vitality.Doing something for your clear skin makes you better than those who don't care at all.

Skin are of 5 types:

1.Dry Skin

2 .Normal Skin

3.Oily Skin

4.Sensitive Skin

5.Combination Skin

It's extremely important to know your skin type & use right face wash which would be comfortable for your skin.

●A Face wash should be able to get rid of bacteria,dirt,sweat,dead cells & make up from skin surface.So chose it wisely.

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Brief details about skin


Beard growing has never been so easy.Facial hair growth is largely propelled by Testosterone, a harmone.Testosterone level vary between age level of 19 to 35.

Every guy hair grows at his own speed.Lifestyle,good exercise & healthy diet helps a bit in hair growth.

    • Wash your beard:Wash your beard regularly 2-3×times a week.This will help your beard to be clean,smell good & prevents it from further accumulation(sweat or excess oil).

    • Know How & When:Trimming is the most essential part to maintain your beard.One should know how to trim & when to trim.

    • Apply beard products:Products like beard oil,Moisturizers,wax boosts your beard & gives you beard a final touch-shinny,glossy,sharp look.

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    • Make sure your clothes Actually fits. Means Shirt shouldn't be like hanging on your body, T-Shirt shouldn't look like wearing tent & Jeans should be baggy & tucked.

    • Try Clothes in dressing room before             buying them. Stop guessing it.You just make sure your clothes fit in well.

  • Get your suit tailored. Spend some extra money to get your shirts,pants & suit to be tailored,its more worth it .
  • Severely Over or Under Dressing.      

One of the common mistake young men do forget the formality mark.
Try to look Simple & Classy,it never goes out of style.

•Following Trends Too Closely.

Don't follow trends blindly.

A watch has a power to instantly highlight a man with class.

  These days lot of people go with gold,silver or metallic watches in a round shape. Personally i love the metallic strap watches just because i think they look amazing with most outfits.
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True man outfit is assessed by his shoes. basically Footwear is like anything for a men to look good, whether it's about attending meetings,going to parties with friends,attending occasions like weddings,formal meetups & meeting someone.

These are some tips you should go with are:


People need to understand that a hung of rubber is not a shoe.Unless it's flip-flop, which is ok in my book.

Formal Shoes

A Black pair of formal shoes is the smartest choice one should have in formals & plus points is it goes with every formal outfit.

Sneakers These shoes are also known as Sport shoes.These shoes are designed for sports & physical activities.They can be easily worn & can go with casuals too.

Loafer or lace Less:When it comes to style & patterns you can never beat them.Loafers goes with both formals as well as casuals.

So,these were some basic footwear that every men should have.


So as you can see most of young men doing these common mistakes & Make it impassable,they simply require little bit of revise & fitness to correct the course.

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