How to manage time? Time management vs Energy management.

The term Time Management, means process of planning and finishing specific task in a particular amount of time.
Like Everyone of us have 24 hours a day.These 24 hours involve various activities related to family,friends,work,personal interests with commitments.You may be trying to do everything you can to create more time i.e save time here & there.But the reality is you can't create more time,all you trying to do is Free up more of your existing time.
So,basically, How to manage time???
How to actually increase efficiency,productivity & effectiveness.
Here is a SECRET I.e ENERGY.
Yes,the answer is Energy.
So let's grab some basic information.

What is the Difference between Time & Energy?
Things in time have not be equal than in energy.
To make you understand very easily.
Time focuses on Quantity whereas Energy focuses on Quality.

How to Implement Energy Management.
There are wide range of strategies which you can implement easily to increase your efficiency.

These are some rules which you can implement in your daily routine from the Indian hustler 108:
Learn What Energizes You.
First step to success is always AWARENESS.
Become Aware.Grow your Awareness,that means be present not only physically but also mentally wherever you are.
Make a list what makes you feel refreshing,more creative & lifts you up.

Refuel your Energy
Most of the people struggle so hard with their workload because the reason is they don't give enough time to recover their energy.Their work is tiring their body & mind And ultimately they end up with no results.
Tricks to Refuel Energy.
1. Power naps
Take a break 15-20 min & have good sleep.
Know what to eat & when to eat.
Ideally,one should eat according to sun.
When sun is up-take good amount of healthy food & vice versa.
Keep yourself hydrated.Water promotes cardiovascular health, cleanses your body,good skin & always keeps your body cool with your Energy reserved.
Meditation play a big role in balancing your Energy.Meditation reduces stress, promotes Emotional Health,enhances Self AWARENESS,reduces age related memory loss,generate kindness & what not.

5.Tea or Coffee
Drinking tea or Coffee also helps you to recover energy.
I recommend you better go with some natural Juices.

• Monitor your Energy.
Have that sense of using high energy times & low energy times.

Take advantage of high energy times by either focusing on important or on creative work that requires you to be at your sharpest.
Less time=High Energy
More time=Less Energy

Using that time to knock out those tasks you hate doing, when you are most efficient you get them done.

When you learn to manage your personal energy. You will no longer be just a great planner but you will be a successful action taker & achiever.

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